05/27/2011 – HSPU Skill

28 May

Today at CFPA we worked on HSPUs. I think I was able to do 3 maybe 4 this time last year. I was able to do a one minute handstand hold too. Sucks that I have to start from square one after watermelon comes out. Maybe it’ll be one of the first skills I work on while trying to recover.

Anyways, I used the box to practice these. My first 5 reps were with the abmat. The next 5 reps I put a 15# plate plus abmat. Then the next 2 sets of 5 I used a 45# plate. Nothing difficult, just working on my shoulder strength.

The WOD was a quick one too, and Tim informed us that it was going to be nasty. He told me not to go too crazy.

For Time:1->10

  • Front Squats(135#/95#)
  • Ring Dips
  • Result 8:16 not rx’d

    Of course I didn’t do this RX’d. My worry was that I wasn’t going to be able to clean a 95# bar 10 or more times, and I don’t have ring dips yet. I used the pink band for ring dips, and put 73# on the bar. I finished the workout first, and immediately regretted not putting 78# or even 83# on the bar. I was able to do all the front squats without dropping the bar. I think I broke down the ring dips during the 8th round.

    A little to easy, but I should be taking it easy right now. I thought I didn’t work hard enough, but the soreness is creeping into my quads and triceps as I type.

    Have a great memorial day weekend!!!


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