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06/28/2011 – My Makeup WOD

28 Jun

I didn’t make it to CFPA on Monday. Lil’ munchkin was running a crazy fever, and we ended up sleeping downstairs because it was cooler. I was up, I just couldn’t leave, so I asked Tim if I could make up the WOD on Tuesday. I sure missed a good one on Monday, but I’m glad I went in on Tuesday because it was definitely a burner!

First, we worked on Push Press. I haven’t done these in a long time, and I don’t even know what my max is. Here were my loads:

Push Press: 63#(5)-68#(5)-73#(3)-83#(3)-88#(3)

I couldn’t of gone heavier, but I didn’t want to push it. I felt a little dizzy after each set because I was holding my breathe. I definitely didn’t have any trouble with any of the sets, and was able to use the momentum when I dipped to drive my arms up.

Here was our WOD:

4 Rounds

  • 250m Row
  • 15 Kettlebell Swings(53/35)
  • 15 Box Jumps
  • Man, I haven’t rowed that many rounds in a long time! It was only 250 meters, but it still felt like forever. Everything felt good, and I wished I was able to go unbroken with the KB swings, because 16kg is pretty light for me. But again, gotta take it easy. I did step ups with the 20″ boxes, so I just kept moving with those.

    Result: 12:29 – Definitely a good one!!

    I know I haven’t been updating with my Paleo eats lately. I ate Sunday and Monday, but today I had Chairmain Bao. I couldn’t resist, it was in Mountain View, and they usually don’t come to the South Bay that much. So, my sister and I had to try it. Yummy!! But of course, I felt full and sick afterwards.

    Here’s what I had for dinner:

    I ended up eating a smaller piece than the one pictured, and we had a side of sweet potato fries. YUMMY!

    06/24/2011 – Friday’s WOD and Yesterday’s Eats…

    25 Jun

    I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I eat. I guess blogging wasn’t really on my mind. My meals have been pretty clean except for when I’m bored(around 3 or 4), and I end up snacking on bad stuff(chocolate and cream puffs…LOL). Yes, I had Caramel Squares from Ghiradelli Chocolate on Wednesday, and two Beard Papa’s vanilla cream puffs yesterday. Other than that, I’ve been eating paleo. Yes, I know…not healthy.

    Okay onto todays WOD! We worked on max strict pull-ups and max kipping pull ups. I used the blue band for strict pull-ups and only did 5 each time. For the kipping pull ups, I did a max of 7 RX’d. I think I need to work on my grip to get more reps in.

    Now the fun metcon:

    1000m row, 21 Deadlifts(155/115#), 800m row, 21 Deadlifts

    I decided to start with the row, because that would take me the longest. It took me 5 minutes to finish the row. A bit slow, but I tried. The deadlifts should of felt light to me, but after the row, it didn’t!! LOL. What the hell!! I wasn’t fasta with the run, but once I got back, I tried to finish the last 21 deadlifts as fast as I could.

    Result: 13:23 RX’d.

    I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO THIS WOD AGAIN!!! I hope we do it again. Tim has been programming a lot of row and run wods together…I wonder what is up his sleeve. LOL. Oh ya, I’m quite happy that my water didn’t break at the gym today. Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen while I’m NOT with hubby. πŸ™‚

    06/22/2011 – Time to catch up…

    22 Jun

    Yes, I’ve been M.I.A. This past week was pretty busy for me with Father’s Day and getting extra hours in for work. My eats have not been clean at all, and I’ve only worked out twice(last Friday and today). But now, I’m on maternity leave, and just going to relax and enjoy my time at home with Lil’ Munchkin’. πŸ™‚

    Let’s see if I can remember what we did on Friday..oh yes..Time Trials.

  • 50 Pull ups – 1:47? I did jumping pull ups. The previous time I did regular pull ups and it took me 4:47
  • 400m run – 1:39 I lost about 10 seconds from the last time we did this in November.
  • 50 push ups – I forgot how long it took me, 3-4 minutes
  • 50 squats – 1:09? I lost 10 seconds here as well. I knew I wasn’t going fast enough, but I thought I could get it under a minute. Last time we did this, I got :59.
  • 50 sit ups – I sat on a box and did something similar to sit ups. This was surprisingly difficult. I forgot what time I got.
  • 500m row-2:14 This was hard. I was trying to work on form the whole time, and my average was about 2:04 until the last 100m. I just lost my technique, and couldn’t keep up with the average. I got 2:04 when we did this in November.
  • Now onto today’s workout. First, I made a full of myself and tripped over my foot while doing the warmups. BLEH! I need to be more careful. It was a little scary afterwards, but I think I felt watermelon kick. Actually he’s kicking right now, knowing that I’m talking about him. πŸ™‚

    We worked on Front Squats, and I partnered up with Carol. I wasn’t trying to break any PRs or anything, but I still wanted it to be difficult.

    Front Squats: 63#(5)-83#(5)-93#(3)-98#(3)-103#(#)-108#(3)

    I think my PR is somewhere near 133#

    Our WOD today was:

  • 10->1 Pull Ups
  • 1->10 KB Swings(32/24kg)
  • I decided to use the 16kg today because the last time I used the 20kg, I pulled a groin muscle. That was 2 fridays ago, and I still sort of feel it. I did the pull-ups rx’d. I can’t wait to do all these workouts again as RX’d.

    Result: 7:56

    Time to relax and just kick my feet up. Ya right…I got tons of things to do. Let’s hope I don’t go crazy on my eats either. It’s the lack of time, and not preparing which is hurting me. Plus, all my “cheats” turned out to be not so great afterwards.

    06/15/2011 – Deadlifts and HSPUs

    16 Jun

    It’s the long metcon week, and I missed out Monday morning, so I had to get my ass up and go today. The WOD wasn’t too bad, just Diane split up with some runs in between.

  • Run 800m
  • 21 Deadlifts(225#/185#)
  • 21 HSPUs
  • 400m Run
  • 15 Deadlifts
  • 15 HSPUs
  • 240m Run
  • 9 Deadlifts
  • 9 HSPUs
  • Result- 19:18(153#) Not RX’d

    When I started the 800m run, I was super slow. There are probably 3 reasons why: I ate like crap over the weekend, haven’t worked out since Friday, and pulled something in my inner thigh on Friday doing KB Swings. It just felt awkward to run, and so I was slow and the last one to get in to do my 21 deadlifts. I thought I could just string these deadlifts together. 153# wasn’t so bad….IF I WASN’T PREGNANT. To my surprise, it was difficult for me to even string 5 together. My form was not great, and I had to keep my arms wider than I normally do for deadlifts. The 21 deadlifts felt like it took forever. The HSPUs weren’t that difficult, I just had to remember to hit my head on the floor for every single rep. And to be honest, it didn’t touch all the time. I felt my head tap, but not absolutely touch. I need to work on that.

    It was a good WOD for a 8 month pregnant lady who moves like a turtle. Not terribly hard, and not too long. Makes me wonder what Tim has instore for Friday…

    06/14/ & 06/15 – Clean Eats

    16 Jun

    Yes, I’m behind on my posts. I’ll just combine Tuesday and Wednesday’s eat together. They were all clean with a bit of heavy whipping cream.

    I’ll just post the pictures that I have.

    Breakfast for both days, beef soup:

    Lunch on Tuesday.

    Lunch on Wednesday from Chelokababi. Chicken thighs with some veggies from my leftover soup. I added a little bit of yogurt to it, and I didn’t eat the bread. πŸ™‚

    Dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday(Chicken soup with shredded eggs, shredded chicken, and some greens)

    For snacks, I had cherries, watermelon, mac nuts, and a small piece of 85% dark chocolate.

    06/13/2011 – Clean Eats

    14 Jun

    Yes, I’ve been quiet this weekend, and I’m sure you can guess why by my previous post. I had a lot of “dirty eats” this past weekend. The non-paleo items that I had were Patxi’s pizza, ice cream, cake, crab cakes, bread, and muffins. Most of it was consumed at my baby shower with my GFs. But, the bad eats spanned throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I guess you can say I’m taking advantage of my last few weeks being pregnant and indulging, even though I know it’s not the way I would normally eat. It’s definitely not healthy, and it definitely makes for an uncomfortable morning. Can you say FOOD HANGOVER!?

    Okay, but I’m back at my usually Monday clean eats with a little bit of heavy whipping cream. Yup, started the day off with coffee.

    I only drank maybe a little bit more than what is in the picture. Such a waste, but I needed it. It was a rough night, and I didn’t make it into CFPA.

    For breakfast, I brought the leftover Antipasto from my baby shower. That was soooo good, and probably the most Paleo thing there. BTW, we went to California Cafe in Los Gatos. I really like that place. You think it’s super fancy and expensive, but it’s not. Just the right price. πŸ™‚ I added some Organic Genoa Salami to the platter.

    For lunch, I had leftover steak with bell peppers. I still had some antipasto left, so I ate some of that too.

    As a snack, I had jackfruit with coconut cream.

    I made a pot of chicken soup over the weekend with some fish sauce in it. So, I had a bowl of the soup with shredded chicken and egg. I forgot to take a picture, but it wasn’t anything exciting. Hubby ate it with vermicilli noodles and added steamed pork(or cha lua) to it. I didn’t have any of the steamed pork because it was MSG in it. BLEH!

    I ended the night with more jackfruit and coconut milk. I feel a bit better, but fingers still feel achy and swollen. It could be the hot weather that is making me feel this way. But probably has something to do with all the sugar that I consumed over the weekend.

    Hope everyone has a good week. I only have 6 more days of work before I go on Maternity Leave. YAY!!!

    A Picture Worth A Thousand Words…

    12 Jun

    This pretty much sums up my eats for the weekend…

    06/09/2011 – Clean Eats (Pork all day)

    10 Jun

    Yes, I had pork all day. Didn’t plan to, that’s just how it worked out. I started off with a tall americano with a splash of heavy cream. I opened a can of sardines, and chowed down at my desk.

    That wasn’t enough for breakfast, so an hour later, I warmed up the leftover ribs and roasted broccoli. There were about 3 ribs, and lots of broccoli. Sorry, no pic.

    For lunch, I had to go to the doc. I’m current 35 weeks into my pregnancy, and lil’ watermelon’s head is down. He’s getting ready to come out, and I can totally feel the pressure down there. After the doc, I picked up a Carnitas Salad with salsa and guac from Chipotle.

    You must wonder why I don’t order any other type of meat at Chipotle?! Its because Carnitas is the only meat which DOESN’T contain soybean oil.

    This kept me full until I got home for dinner. We didn’t have anything really prepared, so I ate leftover meatloaf. The piece was big, so I only ate like half of it. Yes, my meatloaf was made of pork too. So basically I had a pig for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    For dessert, I had a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate. I need to find a 91% one, and see what it taste like. I’m loving these dark chocolate bars, but I can overdue it.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. No more work for me, and my small little baby shower is this weekend. Yes, there will be non-paleo foods there. We’ll see if I indulge. πŸ™‚

    06/08/2011 – Clean Eats

    9 Jun

    This is going to be a quick recap, and I only have one foodie picture. I spent the evening in Urgent Care with my Dad because he fell off a ladder this afternoon. 😦 He’ll be okay, but he might have to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. He’s pretty bummed about that and says that his summer is over because he can’t go swimming. I feel bad for him, and wish I could do something, but I can’t. He did get off lucky though, because he didn’t bump his head, hurt his hip, break an arm, etc. A small chip fracture we can deal with, it just sucks to be confined and “disabled”.

    Alrighty, onto my eats for the day.

    Breakfast was leftover steak with asparagus and roasted bell peppers.

    I munched on some cantaloupe before lunch. I met up with my old coworker because he’s moving to NYC soon. We went to dish dash and I had a Greek salad with steak. I did dip some of my steak in their garlic-yogurt sauce. It was yummy and filling.

    During the afternoon, I snacked on some macadamia nuts and more cantaloupe. We had pork ribs for dinner, marinated in Salt Lick Dry Rub Seasoning. I put the ribs in the slow cooker in the morning. When I got home from Urgent Care, I had two ribs with roasted broccoli with salt, pepper, and bacon bits.

    BLAH! What a day! I find my ring, book a trip to Maui, and my Dad is injured. Such an emotional roller coaster for an 8 month pregnant lady. I hope this week ends on a good note.

    06/08/2011 – FIVE TRIBE TO THE RESCUE!

    8 Jun

    YAY! We found my ring. Thanks to everyone who stuck around to help me find it. I’m so grateful, and hubby is too! The ring was definitely replaceable, but it just had that sentimental value to it, and I got really sad every time I thought about not being able to find it. As we were all about to give up, Fitbomb went through the Oly shoes again, and found it in Kristen’s shoe. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYA!!!! So happy!!!

    Okay, onto our workout. We worked on Deadlifts today, and I stuck to the 5/5/3/3/3 scheme.

    Deadlift: 123#(5)-173#(5)-203#(3)-213#(3)

    I didn’t do the last set of 3 because Tim wrote the WOD on the board and I thought I should just rest. LOL. I needed to save my energy to get through the WOD. Yes, I’m finally starting to take it easy. I definitely lifted more than I did last week, so that’s good. πŸ™‚

    Wednesdays WOD:

  • 100 Double Unders
  • 1K Row
  • 800m Run
  • I decided to not go RX’d, and do 300 singles. I got through 150 singles, and my calves started to burn. The singles were easy, but Fitbomb and Carol finished their DUs before I finished my singles. That means I was slow and took too many breaks. I got on the rower, and finished with a time of 4:46. Towards the last 150m of the row, I definitely tried to use my legs to pull hard, and then my arms at the end to get those extra meters. I just need to practice practice practice. I left for the run, and two people passed me up.

    Result: 12:46 Not RX’d.

    I can’t wait to tackle this again, doing DUs and going faster on the rower and run.

    Thanks again Jay, Jason, Terminator, and Fitbomb for not giving up and helping me find my wedding band!! And thanks Tim for letting all of us move things around to find it. Love the community support. πŸ™‚