06/01/2011 – Deadlifts plus Shoulders, Shoulders, and more Shoulders

1 Jun

Its the first of the month!! And I’m re-energized. I felt like dead wood yesterday, but I got a good nights sleep, and got my ass to workout this morning. We worked on Deadlifts, and like I said last week, I stayed with the 5 and 3 rep scheme because I wasn’t going to try to PR anything. I’m at a point in my pregnancy where I should try to maintain the strength that I have and not force a PR.

Here were my loads:

Deadlift: 123#(5)-173#(5)-193#(3)-213#(3)-223#(3)

Everything felt good. It was starting to get heavy at 213, but I took my time with each rep and remember to keep everything tight as I lifted the bar. I’ve done 223# before, so I’m glad I can still do it while preggo.

Next up, our super FUN WOD!

As Many Reps As Possible:

  • 3 minutes Press(75#/55#)
  • 3 min Rest
  • 3 min Push Press
  • 3 min Rest
  • 3 min Push Jerk
  • *5 burpee penalty if you rest the bar on shoulders or ground

    If you don’t know the difference between the 3 movements, watch this video.

    At first, Tim wrote 95# for Men, and 65# for women. Fitbomb and I were wondering if we could get through it with the weight, and we decided to go for it. Then Tim said he made a mistake. We were happy to lighten the weight up. I knew at 65#, the presses were going to kill my shoulders. With 55#, it was much easier, but still difficult! Here’s my breakdown for each of the movements.

    Press: 22 Total – 12, 5 burpees, 6, 5 burpees, 4, 5 burpees
    Push Press: 33 Total – 20, 5 burpees, 7, 5 burpees, 6
    Push Jerk: 37 Total – 21, 5 burpees, 8, 5 burpees, 8

    Total: 92 reps Rx’d

    Notice that I did 3 rounds of burpees for the presses, instead of two for the other rounds. I should of tried to go all out with the presses on the first round when I started. Then get as many as I can but still get out 5 more burpees. Then wait until 20 or 30 seconds left and go balls to the wall with whatever I had left in me until the timer went off.

    I did that for the Push Press and Push Jerk, and it worked out well for me, I think. Again though, the Press is the hardest movement out of the three. I didn’t really have a set number that I wanted to hit, but next time I hope it’s over 100. Love this WOD!!!


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