06/06/2011 – Clean Eats

7 Jun

Yes, I had a day of real pure foods, and it was yummy!

For breakfast, I had 3 hard boiled eggs. It was a tiny breakfast, but I didn’t have any time to prepare veggies. I munched on a few macadamia nuts before lunch.

I ate lunch early, because I was hungry, and scarfed down my Braised Bone-In short-ribs from Friday night.

Yes, it taste like beef candy. Yummy! For lunch dessert, I had some cherries and strawberries.

I got home, and munched on more cherries. I also popped the Porktastic Bacon topped Meatloaf into the oven, and 70 minutes later we had dinner.

Not the best picture, but it smelled yummy. I nuked some frozen broccoli with ghee for our side. Here’s my dinner plate:

The meatloaf was good! Even better with the tomato basil sauce that I got from Whole Foods(ingredients were CLEAN!). Hubby like it too, so thanks again Nom Nom Paleo for another great recipe.

1 day down, 3 more to go….yes, it’s another short week for me. I’m still bummed I lost my ring though. Everytime I think about it, I get sad. 😦


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