06/06/2011 – Monday’s Workout plus My Lost Ring

7 Jun

Yes, I lost my wedding band at CFPA. I usually hang it with my keys on the board. As I was grabbing my keys to leave, my wedding band was coming off too and I saw it fall down into the crate of notebooks. It could of fallen out of the crate as well. All the guys stayed back to help me look for it, but to no avail(Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!). I’m a little sad, and hopefully we’ll find it.

Anyways, I didn’t want to get up this morning because it was Monday, I was exhausted, and I wanted to just stay in bed with hubby. He was away, and got home late Sunday night because of flight delays. But I told myself I hadn’t worked out since Wednesday, so I had to do something. Plus my days at CFPA will probably be getting scarce as I get down to the final weeks of this pregnancy. So, I jumped into my car and headed to CFPA to work on Thrusters.


I wanted to do the 5/5/3/3/3 rep scheme again because I really just wanted to keep my strength. It was difficult!!! Very difficult! And I ended up not having enough time to finish the last sets. I was taking my time in between sets too, to make sure I had enough rest.

Thankful, our WOD wasn’t as difficult today, because I don’t think I could of handled a “Helen” or anything with running. Plus, I didn’t feel pressure to do it Rx’d, pressure from myself that is.


  • 10 Ring Push Ups
  • 15 Ab-mat Situps
  • 5 Box Jumps(30″/24″)
  • I did ring push-ups but with knees down. For the box jumps, I used the 20″ box with a 15lb plate. I probably got an extra inch or two. I didn’t push it too hard. Ab-mat situps were starting to bother me, and I just did step ups with the box jumps. I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t work on technique with the box jumps after seeing the competitors at Norcal Regionals do it.

    Result: 6 rounds + 5 ring push ups.


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