06/07/2011 – Clean Eats

8 Jun

It’s only Tuesday!? Thankfully it’s a short week at work. I need to get my SH*T together though, because I have a lot to do at home before baby comes, and I have a lot to do at work before I leave. SIGH! This is what I get for not planning ahead and worrying. LOL.

I started the day off with a Tall Dry Cappuccino with Heavy Cream. I drank half of it, and threw it away. Too much cream and not enough coffee. For breakfast, I had the last of my Tandoori Chicken Leg with some cabbage. Very little cabbage.

I munched on few strawberries with coco cream for a snack. Lunch rolled around, and I had my porktastic meatloaf with half a sweet potato. It was yummier the day after… maybe because it wasn’t as moist.

To get me through the afternoon, I had some macadamia nuts. When I got home, Lil’ Munchkin’ and I munched on the last of the watermelon.

I put out a Grass Fed Top Sirloin steak for us to marinate. I forgot to take a pic of my steak, but it was basically an 8oz steak with asparagus and bell peppers. I ate more than half and saved the rest for lunch. Yummy to my tummy. I ended the night with a piece of 85% dark chocolate. That got watermelon kicking my tummy, so I couldn’t really fall asleep until after 10PM. I’m trying to enjoy my last few weeks of being pregnant, but it’s a bit difficult. I guess I’ll enjoy it with more fruit, because after I have this baby, I need to start slimming down and getting my STRENF! back!!!


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