8 Jun

YAY! We found my ring. Thanks to everyone who stuck around to help me find it. I’m so grateful, and hubby is too! The ring was definitely replaceable, but it just had that sentimental value to it, and I got really sad every time I thought about not being able to find it. As we were all about to give up, Fitbomb went through the Oly shoes again, and found it in Kristen’s shoe. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYA!!!! So happy!!!

Okay, onto our workout. We worked on Deadlifts today, and I stuck to the 5/5/3/3/3 scheme.

Deadlift: 123#(5)-173#(5)-203#(3)-213#(3)

I didn’t do the last set of 3 because Tim wrote the WOD on the board and I thought I should just rest. LOL. I needed to save my energy to get through the WOD. Yes, I’m finally starting to take it easy. I definitely lifted more than I did last week, so that’s good. 🙂

Wednesdays WOD:

  • 100 Double Unders
  • 1K Row
  • 800m Run
  • I decided to not go RX’d, and do 300 singles. I got through 150 singles, and my calves started to burn. The singles were easy, but Fitbomb and Carol finished their DUs before I finished my singles. That means I was slow and took too many breaks. I got on the rower, and finished with a time of 4:46. Towards the last 150m of the row, I definitely tried to use my legs to pull hard, and then my arms at the end to get those extra meters. I just need to practice practice practice. I left for the run, and two people passed me up.

    Result: 12:46 Not RX’d.

    I can’t wait to tackle this again, doing DUs and going faster on the rower and run.

    Thanks again Jay, Jason, Terminator, and Fitbomb for not giving up and helping me find my wedding band!! And thanks Tim for letting all of us move things around to find it. Love the community support. 🙂


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