06/08/2011 – Clean Eats

9 Jun

This is going to be a quick recap, and I only have one foodie picture. I spent the evening in Urgent Care with my Dad because he fell off a ladder this afternoon. 😦 He’ll be okay, but he might have to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. He’s pretty bummed about that and says that his summer is over because he can’t go swimming. I feel bad for him, and wish I could do something, but I can’t. He did get off lucky though, because he didn’t bump his head, hurt his hip, break an arm, etc. A small chip fracture we can deal with, it just sucks to be confined and “disabled”.

Alrighty, onto my eats for the day.

Breakfast was leftover steak with asparagus and roasted bell peppers.

I munched on some cantaloupe before lunch. I met up with my old coworker because he’s moving to NYC soon. We went to dish dash and I had a Greek salad with steak. I did dip some of my steak in their garlic-yogurt sauce. It was yummy and filling.

During the afternoon, I snacked on some macadamia nuts and more cantaloupe. We had pork ribs for dinner, marinated in Salt Lick Dry Rub Seasoning. I put the ribs in the slow cooker in the morning. When I got home from Urgent Care, I had two ribs with roasted broccoli with salt, pepper, and bacon bits.

BLAH! What a day! I find my ring, book a trip to Maui, and my Dad is injured. Such an emotional roller coaster for an 8 month pregnant lady. I hope this week ends on a good note.


One Response to “06/08/2011 – Clean Eats”

  1. Fit Daffy June 9, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Dang… that’s a LOT to have gone through in ONE day! Glad you found your ring but super bummed to hear about your Dad. 😦 And again, how you’re able to fit all that you did in ONE day is friggin’ amazing! 😀

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