06/09/2011 – Clean Eats (Pork all day)

10 Jun

Yes, I had pork all day. Didn’t plan to, that’s just how it worked out. I started off with a tall americano with a splash of heavy cream. I opened a can of sardines, and chowed down at my desk.

That wasn’t enough for breakfast, so an hour later, I warmed up the leftover ribs and roasted broccoli. There were about 3 ribs, and lots of broccoli. Sorry, no pic.

For lunch, I had to go to the doc. I’m current 35 weeks into my pregnancy, and lil’ watermelon’s head is down. He’s getting ready to come out, and I can totally feel the pressure down there. After the doc, I picked up a Carnitas Salad with salsa and guac from Chipotle.

You must wonder why I don’t order any other type of meat at Chipotle?! Its because Carnitas is the only meat which DOESN’T contain soybean oil.

This kept me full until I got home for dinner. We didn’t have anything really prepared, so I ate leftover meatloaf. The piece was big, so I only ate like half of it. Yes, my meatloaf was made of pork too. So basically I had a pig for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For dessert, I had a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate. I need to find a 91% one, and see what it taste like. I’m loving these dark chocolate bars, but I can overdue it.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. No more work for me, and my small little baby shower is this weekend. Yes, there will be non-paleo foods there. We’ll see if I indulge. 🙂


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