06/13/2011 – Clean Eats

14 Jun

Yes, I’ve been quiet this weekend, and I’m sure you can guess why by my previous post. I had a lot of “dirty eats” this past weekend. The non-paleo items that I had were Patxi’s pizza, ice cream, cake, crab cakes, bread, and muffins. Most of it was consumed at my baby shower with my GFs. But, the bad eats spanned throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I guess you can say I’m taking advantage of my last few weeks being pregnant and indulging, even though I know it’s not the way I would normally eat. It’s definitely not healthy, and it definitely makes for an uncomfortable morning. Can you say FOOD HANGOVER!?

Okay, but I’m back at my usually Monday clean eats with a little bit of heavy whipping cream. Yup, started the day off with coffee.

I only drank maybe a little bit more than what is in the picture. Such a waste, but I needed it. It was a rough night, and I didn’t make it into CFPA.

For breakfast, I brought the leftover Antipasto from my baby shower. That was soooo good, and probably the most Paleo thing there. BTW, we went to California Cafe in Los Gatos. I really like that place. You think it’s super fancy and expensive, but it’s not. Just the right price. 🙂 I added some Organic Genoa Salami to the platter.

For lunch, I had leftover steak with bell peppers. I still had some antipasto left, so I ate some of that too.

As a snack, I had jackfruit with coconut cream.

I made a pot of chicken soup over the weekend with some fish sauce in it. So, I had a bowl of the soup with shredded chicken and egg. I forgot to take a picture, but it wasn’t anything exciting. Hubby ate it with vermicilli noodles and added steamed pork(or cha lua) to it. I didn’t have any of the steamed pork because it was MSG in it. BLEH!

I ended the night with more jackfruit and coconut milk. I feel a bit better, but fingers still feel achy and swollen. It could be the hot weather that is making me feel this way. But probably has something to do with all the sugar that I consumed over the weekend.

Hope everyone has a good week. I only have 6 more days of work before I go on Maternity Leave. YAY!!!


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