06/22/2011 – Time to catch up…

22 Jun

Yes, I’ve been M.I.A. This past week was pretty busy for me with Father’s Day and getting extra hours in for work. My eats have not been clean at all, and I’ve only worked out twice(last Friday and today). But now, I’m on maternity leave, and just going to relax and enjoy my time at home with Lil’ Munchkin’. 🙂

Let’s see if I can remember what we did on Friday..oh yes..Time Trials.

  • 50 Pull ups – 1:47? I did jumping pull ups. The previous time I did regular pull ups and it took me 4:47
  • 400m run – 1:39 I lost about 10 seconds from the last time we did this in November.
  • 50 push ups – I forgot how long it took me, 3-4 minutes
  • 50 squats – 1:09? I lost 10 seconds here as well. I knew I wasn’t going fast enough, but I thought I could get it under a minute. Last time we did this, I got :59.
  • 50 sit ups – I sat on a box and did something similar to sit ups. This was surprisingly difficult. I forgot what time I got.
  • 500m row-2:14 This was hard. I was trying to work on form the whole time, and my average was about 2:04 until the last 100m. I just lost my technique, and couldn’t keep up with the average. I got 2:04 when we did this in November.
  • Now onto today’s workout. First, I made a full of myself and tripped over my foot while doing the warmups. BLEH! I need to be more careful. It was a little scary afterwards, but I think I felt watermelon kick. Actually he’s kicking right now, knowing that I’m talking about him. 🙂

    We worked on Front Squats, and I partnered up with Carol. I wasn’t trying to break any PRs or anything, but I still wanted it to be difficult.

    Front Squats: 63#(5)-83#(5)-93#(3)-98#(3)-103#(#)-108#(3)

    I think my PR is somewhere near 133#

    Our WOD today was:

  • 10->1 Pull Ups
  • 1->10 KB Swings(32/24kg)
  • I decided to use the 16kg today because the last time I used the 20kg, I pulled a groin muscle. That was 2 fridays ago, and I still sort of feel it. I did the pull-ups rx’d. I can’t wait to do all these workouts again as RX’d.

    Result: 7:56

    Time to relax and just kick my feet up. Ya right…I got tons of things to do. Let’s hope I don’t go crazy on my eats either. It’s the lack of time, and not preparing which is hurting me. Plus, all my “cheats” turned out to be not so great afterwards.


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