06/24/2011 – Friday’s WOD and Yesterday’s Eats…

25 Jun

I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I eat. I guess blogging wasn’t really on my mind. My meals have been pretty clean except for when I’m bored(around 3 or 4), and I end up snacking on bad stuff(chocolate and cream puffs…LOL). Yes, I had Caramel Squares from Ghiradelli Chocolate on Wednesday, and two Beard Papa’s vanilla cream puffs yesterday. Other than that, I’ve been eating paleo. Yes, I know…not healthy.

Okay onto todays WOD! We worked on max strict pull-ups and max kipping pull ups. I used the blue band for strict pull-ups and only did 5 each time. For the kipping pull ups, I did a max of 7 RX’d. I think I need to work on my grip to get more reps in.

Now the fun metcon:

1000m row, 21 Deadlifts(155/115#), 800m row, 21 Deadlifts

I decided to start with the row, because that would take me the longest. It took me 5 minutes to finish the row. A bit slow, but I tried. The deadlifts should of felt light to me, but after the row, it didn’t!! LOL. What the hell!! I wasn’t fasta with the run, but once I got back, I tried to finish the last 21 deadlifts as fast as I could.

Result: 13:23 RX’d.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO THIS WOD AGAIN!!! I hope we do it again. Tim has been programming a lot of row and run wods together…I wonder what is up his sleeve. LOL. Oh ya, I’m quite happy that my water didn’t break at the gym today. Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen while I’m NOT with hubby. 🙂


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