Whole30 – Day 1 (08/01/11)

2 Aug

It’s the first of the month. Time to RESET and mentally get out of this carb infested life I’ve been digging myself into for the past month. I spent the whole weekend re-reading my Whole30 Success Guide, reminding myself of things I can and cannot eat while doing Whole30. Whole9 has a Whole30 Version4.0 out, and they’ve added a few things.

  • Vinegar is allowed, even rice vinegar
  • Weight yourself, before and after
  • No smoking…this one is a no brainer
  • I’m glad vinegar is allowed, because I was eating it with the spaghetti sauce that we buy from Trader Joe’s. 🙂 I haven’t weighed myself, but I plan to tomorrow morning. I know I should not have done it during Whole30, but oh well.

    I am still contemplated delaying the Whole30 till Sunday(08/07) because there are two BBQs on Saturday that I’ll be attending where there won’t be any Whole30 foods available, unless I bring my own. It’ll be my first social outing too. I don’t know if I should or not, but if I do decide to diverge a bit on Saturday, I will restart on Sunday. I mean, there will be protein and veggies there, but it’ll also be marinated in lots of soy, sugar, etc.

    Alrighty, onto my good Whole30 clean eats. In the picture below, I had spaghetti meat sauce with a side of veggie soup. I didn’t eat the soup because my mom said she used “Chicken Broth”, but I don’t know what was in the chicken broth. Probably some preservatives. For lunch, I had leftover top sirloin with avocado, roasted sweet potato, and another side of veggie soup. Finally for dinner, I fried up some easy duck confiett from Costco, and had it with Rau Muong AKA ipomoea aquatica. It was sauteed in garlic, coconut aminos, coconut vinegar, and some fish sauce. Yummy!

    I did snack on watermelon twice within the day. Also, after my 7pm nap, when I woke up at 11:30, I had one more duck leg. I was hungry, and I guess dinner wasn’t big enough for me. The only activity that I really had was walk around the neighborhood for 40 minutes with the lil’ kiddies.

    WOW, I actually survived a day without sugar and grains. It’s been awhile, and it feels great. 🙂


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