Whole30 – Day 4(08/04/11)

7 Aug

Another day in the books. I didn’t have much of a breakfast, because my mornings are pretty hectic. I fried up 4 eggs for lil’ munchkin’ and I, but I ended up eating maybe 1/3 of it. After I fed lil’ munchkin’, I quickly prepped dinner, which was Red Curry with Grass Fed Brisket by Nom Nom Paleo. I used red curry because we like spice, but I should start stocking up on the yellow curry as well.

When it was about 11, I was able to finally warm up some leftover slow cooker chicken and carrots to munch on. It wasn’t much, so I was supper hungry, and snacked a lot. I ate mangoes, hard boiled eggs, and some procscuitto.

My order of Seasnax arrived just in time as well, and I had two packets. They are yummy! I’ve tasted the onion and original flavor. I love that it doesn’t have any soybean oil in it. Can I bring these to the sushi restaurants and ask them to use these wraps instead?!?!? Wishful thinking huh?!

Once we got the kids to bed, hubby dug into the curry beef stew. He said it was DELICIOUS and had about 4 bowls. Not full bowls though. If you know my husband, he doesn’t pack on a full plate at once, unlike yours truly. He just gets enough to eat, then go back for more. He says it’s fine dining…maybe that’s why he never gains any weight.

Here’s the pics of my eats…


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