Whole30 Day 6 & 7

8 Aug

So, all week I’ve been thinking about Saturday because I had two parties to go to, and I didn’t know if I could stay Whole30 compliant at the parties. Well to make my decision easier, lil’ AMRAP was being a little more fussier than normal(considering he’s only 2.5 weeks old), so i decided not to go to the birthday party, and just stick to the family party that was near my house. That left the temptation of cheating out of the question. However, I knew at my family BBQ there really wouldn’t be anything whole30 compliant either besides salad, fruit, and more salad. I decided to take a dry rub recipe out of Everyday Paleo’s cookbook and make myself some burgers to bring over. It was quick and easy!

At the BBQ, I ate my burger with some salad. My aunt made a mango shrimp salad that was smothered in fish sauce. Luckily, she put aside a little portion that didn’t have any sauce in it. I quickly noshed on that as well. :-). I also munched on lots of fruit while I was there. Sorry no pics of Saturday.

On Sunday, I started the day with some fried eggs. Then we took both kids to the Mountain View farmer’s market. I love this market! They have so much more stuff than the Campbell farmer’s market. I got a great deal at Full of Life Farm. They were selling all their pork roast for 30% off! SCORE! It was worth it to venture out to Mountain View.

Anyways, we ended up having a really late lunch, but I snacked on SeaSnax and watermelon. We finally decided to get in-n-out for lunch, and of course I got the double-meat protein style burger with grilled onions and pickles…hold the sauce. I scarfed that down within 5 minutes.

For dinner, I marinated two pieces of grass-fed rib eye steak with the leftover rub that I had from the burgers on Saturday. We paired the steak with roasted broccoli and stir fry mushrooms and cabbage. I ate about 1/4 of the steak that was pictured. Guess I wasn’t hungry because of the burger.


PHEW! I made it through the weekend…one day at a time!


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