Whole30 – Day 8(08/08/11)

9 Aug

One week down, a few more to go! Let’s see how I got through my Whole30 today.

I started the day by making dinner. I felt like I cooked a whole bunch of stuff today, but really I didn’t. I purchased a pound of Italian Sausage from Full of Life on Sunday, and decided to make meatballs out of them. I had some extra ground beef leftover that was sitting in the fridge as well, so I rolled that meat up too. I basically took Nom Nom Paleo’s Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe, substituting spaghetti noodles with Zucchini noodles.

Once I got everything going for the meatballs, I fried up a few eggs for me and lil’ muhckin’. I topped the burger with a fried egg and added some roasted broccoli to eat for the greens. As lunch rolled around, I had some chicken veggie soup while feeding lil’ munchkin’ his lunch.

There wasn’t much chicken in the veggie soup, so I ended up consuming a bag of Organic Roast Beef deli meat from Applegate Farms. I had half an avocado with the roast beef as well. It’s a great snack when you are in desperate need of something to snack on besides fruit…but I did snack on fruit as well 😉

Dinner rolled around, and I couldn’t wait to try the Zucchini noodles. Let me tell you…it definitely tasted like noodles. Maybe it was because of the wonder peeler that I had, which made the texture of the zucchini taste exactly like noodles. Not too thin, and not too thick!

For snacks, I had some Seasnax, Primal Pac, and watermelon. Yes – I’m hungry! It’s probably because I’m trying to produce extra milk for lil’ AMRAP and my energy level is close to 0! Babies need to adapt quicker!! LOL. J/K.


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