Whole 30 – Day 13(08/13/11)

15 Aug

Finally a Saturday, but right now everyday is the same to me. This day is only special because hubby is home. :-). Anyways, I think I just had a fried eggs for breakfast and a coconut avocado smoothie, which i sipped on throughout the day and did not finish. Nothing special and no pic.

By 2pm i had snacked on two small primal pacs already! I told myself, only one a day, but i guess it aint happening today! We were going back and forth about taking the kids to Santana Row for a family outing, Hubby had to go get fitted for a tux and we’d get lunch there too. We finally decided to go and I chose to eat at Plutos. I love this place because their salads are made fresh, and you can put lots of good ole MEAT on it. However today I just decided to get a meat platter(roasted turkey and tri tip) with a side of veggies. The veggies were steamed, but had feta cheese on it. so, I picked out the cheese and ate around it. I didn’t even finish the veggies, because it tasted like they put butter on it. Boo! I also had a few pieces of sweet potato fries that I bought for lil’ munchkin’ too munch on.


For dinner, I didn’t really eat anything besides Watermelon. Hubby made a bowl of spaghetti for himself, and I just wasn’t hungry. I know snacking isn’t good, but that is all I have time for nowadays! Lol.


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