Whole30 – Day 12(08/12/11)

15 Aug

Another day another whole 30 challenge. I started off by making some eggs for lil’ munchkin and I to eat. I didn’t have any greens on me, so I’ve been lacking with the veggies.

We all took a trip to Starbucks later that morning so I could get some tea. I heard camamille tea helps bring in breast milk, and it did sort of work. Once I go the kiddies in for their naps, I quickly made a tuna salad with my homemade mayo. No greens again! Bad steph!

I munched on a primal pac, watermelon, and seasnax throughout the day.

When dinner time rolled around I didn’t have anything prepared. Hubby and I always go back and forth as to where we want to eat. It’s hard finding a kid friendly place that is Whole30 compliant as well. We talked about going to the counter, but didn’t want to get stuck in the Santana Row shenanigans with two kids under two. Then wanted sashimi, but we got lazy to go before the restaurant gets crowded. We finally decided on BBQ, and hubby picked it up near our house. I told hubs to get me chicken, tri tip, and ribs with no sauce.

I ate A LOT! And this time I did have veggies. I reheated some broccoli and roasted portobello mushrooms from the previous night! Yummy!



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