Whole30 – Day 14(08/14/11)

15 Aug

I love Sundays because I get to go to the Farmers Market and buy FOOD! Because you all know I love to eat. 🙂

I got up in a hurry trying to get lil’ munchkin’ ready so we could get out of the house by 830 to make it to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market before the crowds came. I quickly fried up some bacon and eggs for the kid and he loved it. I had some eggs and a small bite of Applegate Farms bacon too!

After buying a whole bunch of veggies, fruits, and meats from the market, it was non stop with the babies! If I’m not feeding one baby, I’m trying to play with the other. If I’m not trying to put one kid to sleep, im trying to put the other one down. Constantly on the go, so how could I ever find the time to eat! Lol…im not complaining though, these are the best kids eva!

Hubby went to go buy some in-n-out for lunch, they messed up on my order. There was cheese in it! I can’t eat cheese, because I’m doing Whole30, which means no dairy! Blah, so that whole burger went to waste, and I had a primal pac and a can of sardines for lunch. I know, not the best thing to eat, but again….No time to make anything fancy. I also munched on the yummy grapes that I bought at the farmer’s market. So crispy, love it!

I could not get to cooking anything until 5ish. I quickly seasoned some cauliflower with curry and turmeric, and threw that in the oven. Then I marinated the flank steak I defrosted i the morning with garlic powder, pepper, chili powder, and some sea salt. Hubby stir fried some bok choy and bell peppers together, and there you have it…DINNER.


Day 14 in the bag! Wow I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! Too bad I didn’t weigh myself before I started. Till tomorrow peeps!


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