First Post Baby WOD – 08/14/11

16 Aug

After seeing Nom Nom Paleo and Fitbomb at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market on Sunday, I felt like I needed to get a workout in, and see if I was ready to actually get my body to do work! I’ve been wanting to do something…anything…for the past week. Working out just keeps me sane, and gives me a burst of energy. A few days ago, when I was lurking on the mainsite, I saw a WOD that was short, quick, and “looked” easy!

12 Minute AMRAP of the following:

  • 400m Run
  • 5 Deadlifts
  • It was about 4pm, and I got lil’ AMRAP down for a nap. Hubby was having problems with him all day, so once I got him down, I took advantage of the time to quickly get the workout in. I stretched, warmed up with a few sets of 95# deadlifts, and then tried to find out how heavy I could go. I put on 135#, and WOW…that was heavy. Heavy enough that I noticed. Since, it was only 5 deadlifts, the point of the workout was to go as heavy as you can, so I added 20# to the bar, with a total weight of 155#. GEEZZ!! 4 weeks off can totally kill the STRENF! It was really heavy, that I needed the extra bounce on top to get to the finally position of the deadlift. OUCH! Oh well, let’s do it!!

    Mind you that I haven’t worked out at this time in FOREVER!!! The last time was probably when I was doing WODs at Crossfit SV. Anyways, it was just hot, and I had to run in the heat. BLEH!! Thank god hubby and lil’ munchkin’ were out there cheering me on, because I would of quit during the first round. I ran around the block and it took me 2:20. Probably not fast, and I’m not sure if it’s 400m or over 400m, but pretty close. Once I got to the bar, I was literally gasping for air. I never strung together the deadlifts.

    It was a tough WOD, and totally gave me a reality check. I’ve lost strength. I have to work hard AGAIN, to get back to where I was. And…it’s going to take time. SIGH! But, if I love CrossFit as much as I say I do, then I will get there. 🙂 It’s my happy place.

    Result: 3 rounds + 400m Run + 1 Deadlift

    Next up is The Giant Race(08/27) and Fight Gone Bad(09/17). I got a lot of training to do!!


    One Response to “First Post Baby WOD – 08/14/11”

    1. R. August 17, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

      Way to go! It’s so frustrating how quickly we can lose fitness but you’ll be back up there in no time!

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