And She’s Baaaack…

12 Sep

Yes, I’m back at CrossFit Palo Alto! I finally talked to hubby about scheduling my 5AM workout into our sleep deprived lives, and this morning, everything went according to plan. I guess Lil’ AMRAP realized how important workouts affect Mommy’s mood. 🙂 It was great to see everyone again, ad it definitely felt like home! One missing member was Fitbomb. He usually doesn’t miss class, but I guess he’s been injured while I was away.

Alrighty, this week starts a new strength cycle, and we all got greeted with power cleans. I think the last time I did power cleans was in April, so I have some work to do. At first, I didn’t even think I could clean 93#. Here were my loads.

Power Cleans: 63#(5)-73#(5)-78#(5)-83#(3)-93#(3)

I was getting pretty tired after the 3rd set. Maybe I didn’t rest long enough, but all I kept thinking about was making sure that I was able to still clean 93#s. When I got to my last set, I failed on my last rep. My arms and legs were just tired. Tim said I should be taking it easy, and I think I agree, but it’s hard not to push yourself. I had so much energy, even though I was getting tired from the reps. I stepped back, and tried again for my last rep. I got it, but it wasn’t pretty. We’ll see if I can still maintain my max of 113#(I think that’s what it was).

Now for our metcon:


  • 9 Push Press(95#/65#)
  • 11 Knees To Elbows
  • This was definitely a good one! It wasn’t too complicated for my first day back, and I like push presses. I debated on whether or not to do the prescribed weight. I tried a few, and was able to lift it up fine. I knew if I got tired, I would have to clean the bar every time I dropped it, and that hurt me in the end. I also practiced some KTEs, and I got good range of motion. Unfortunately that did not last. LOL. I flew through my first round of push presses, and did ok with KTEs, only dropping once. But then I was TIRED! The push presses started feeling heavier and heavier, and at one point I was doing 2 KTEs at a time…losing some range of motion. I knew the WOD sounded too easy. Note to self: work on getting the KIP for KTEs.

    Result: 9:59…barely made it under 10!


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