09/12/2011 – Paleo Eats

13 Sep

Alrighty, I’m back to blogging what I eat because I have a few pounds to lose and I’m breastfeeding. Lil’ AMRAP is a bit gassy, and it might be because of the food I eat. It’ll be helpful to track down what I should eliminate to help ease his pain. I’ve been reading that I’m suppose to eliminate some veggies and acidity type foods. But sheesh, the vegetables that I’m suppose to eliminate are cabbage, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower. All the vegetables that I buy every week at the farmer’s market. I have to start getting accustomed to eating more spinach, kale, celery, swiss chard, etc.

I’ve been pretty good with Paleo after my recent Whole30. They only tiny deviation I had was this past Labor Day weekend. I ate some meat that was marinated in soy and sugar. The hard part was refusing the bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. They looked so yummy!

Here’s what I ate on Monday:

– 4 hard boiled eggs about 2 hours after my workout.
– A bowl of meatballs with squash spaghetti and sauteed red cabbage for lunch.
Slow Cooker Chicken with carrots and celery for dinner, courtesy of NomNom Paleo.
– Snacked on watermelon and macadamia nuts for dessert. I almost killed half a watermelon.

I joined a seafood CSA, and I have a few black cod fillets to work with this week. I think I’m going to try fish curry. Cross your fingers that I don’t F* it up!


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