09/15/11 – Paleo Yummies

16 Sep

Hmmm… I forgot to blog Wednesday’s eats but it was all clean eating.

Yesterday, I had both kids all day so it was kind of crazy, BUT I’m getting used to it. It’s definitely getting easier trying to juggle both their schedules. I’m trying not to be such a sleep nazi and worry about lil’ AMRAP not getting enough sleep during the day. So far, lil’ AMRAP is easy to put down if he’s cranky. As long as it is not affecting his night time sleep, I’m good.

I knew I wouldn’t have much time to eat throughout the day so I got up early and made a big breakfast for lil’ munckin and I. I scrambled up 4 eggs with fox point seasoning, and fried up one smoked apple chicken sausage from Rosie’s chicken. I split the eggs with lil’ munchkin’. My sides were kraut and squash “noodles”.

I forgot what I had for lunch, and there’s no picture.

For dinner, I made some Damn Fine Chicken from NomNom Paleo. It turned out pretty good, although I’d probably put less vinegar in it. Man, I went to Safeway to find Sherry Vinegar and they didn’t have any. WERID! I had to go to WholeFoods to get it, and I stocked up on duck legs and chicken legs. YUM! I paired it with some bok choy that hubby made.

Spent the night munching on more watermelon. I think I can eat a whole watermelon within a day.


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