It’s Time to Buckle Down and Focus

19 Sep

I’m getting tired of looking at my tummy flab. I know it’s only been 2 months since I’ve given birth, but it doesn’t look mother nature is going to help me get AB-TASTIC as soon as I want her too. I think she’s done helping me, and now it’s my turn to help myself. I know I did Whole30 in August, and that helped a lot because I wasn’t working out at all. It got me down to my pre-pregnancy weight which was 123. I probably had a lot of muscle on me, and some fat to lose before then. It wasn’t my happy weight that’s for sure. At regionals in March 2010, I think I was 107. At that time I was doing the Biggest Loser Challenge with a group of girlfriends. I was starving myself(Fat Smash Diet) and training everyday(two times a day).

I immediately gained back some weight in May 2010, along with muscle because I started at CFPA. So if I can’t be skinny, at least I could be strong, right?!

Anyways, I want my flab to go away and that is my main goal right now(well, along with these New Years Goals that I have not forgotten about). Here are the things that I think I need to change to lose those inches.

  • Eat smaller portions. I can kill an 8oz steak easy-peazy! I think that might be a little too much protein. It’s definitely not the size of the palm of my hand, that’s for sure! So, I’ll cut back on the protein, and if I’m hungry, I’ll eat more veggies. And if I’m still hungry, I’ll eat a lil more fat.
  • EAT MORE GREENS!!! Yes, I need to eat more vegetables, especially the green ones! I vow to eat two vegetable sides per meal, NO EXCUSES!
  • Need to increase cardio workouts. This could be a 5k run, tabata workouts, anything that will increase my heart rate. This should be done on Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Sundays. This one is going to be hard, because I can’t seem to find the time unless we actually schedule it, and someone is watching at least one of the kids.
  • STOP EATING SO MUCH FRUIT! UGH! This one is a hard one. I literally can kill a Costco size watermelon in 2 days. No joke. I need to calm down with this, and have 1 serving, maybe 2 a day. Not only do I eat too much watermelon, but I also eat grapes. I should stick to the berries, but eeeh I’m not a fan of raspberries, and I find the blueberries at the farmer’s market are too expensive. Strawberries are cool, but I binge on those too fast too. Everything in moderation, right?!
  • Okay, last one…I can have a “special” non-Paleo meal once a week. I think this one is important because it’ll keep me sane. I can either have it on Friday or Saturday, and if I decide not to have it, then my “special” meal privilege goes BYE-BYE for that week. I think this will keep me sane throughout this process. When I eat Paleo, I usually keep my meals at the Whole30 standards, so 1 non-Paleo meal is not going to kill me.
  • Now that I’ve listed all this, I forgot that I’m also breastfeeding- or pumping. I’m not sure how this is going to affect my milk supply. I guess we’ll find out next week if anything changes. I’m not really going to stress of this weight loss thing. I know it’ll come soon enough. I just want to make sure that I do it right this time around, and get the results I want.

    Here’s to losing some inches and staying fit!!! This better work DAMMIT!

    One Response to “It’s Time to Buckle Down and Focus”

    1. Colline September 19, 2011 at 10:08 am #

      Fruit gets a bad rap – and personally I eat a lot of it too everyday. It is a carbohydrate that is not the same as processsed and refined ones. As you are breastfeeding consider these things (I do not know if they will fit in with your diet): peanuts/peanut butter sans sugar, and black lentils (I liked it as a creamy soup). Good luck on your quest.

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