Weighted Pullups and Lotta Tabata

24 Sep

It’s Friday! For a split second this morning I thought about not going to CFPA. But, I was already up, so why no. I want to lose the ab-flab right?

Today we worked on our weighted pull ups. I still havent tried any extra weight yet, but I definitely felt stronger than last week. One bodyweight pull up felt decent, so hopefully I can get 3 next week.

Weighted Pull-ups 5(Red) – 4 (Purple) – 5 (Purple) – 1 Body Weight – 3(Purple) – 1 Body Weight

We ended Friday with a great WOD.

Lotta Tabata(x6)

  • Muscle Snatch(45#/35#)
  • Back Squat/Push Press(45#/35#)
  • Deadlift Pushup(135#/95#)
  • Split Jerk(45#/35#)
  • I was really excited to do the WOD because I love throwing weight around. All the movements seemed easy, and I thought I could do a lot in 20 seconds. However, when we got to the 4th round of muscle snatch, my shoulders were starting to burn. I tried to hold the bar between rounds, but that didn’t help. The most difficult movement for me was the Deadlift/Push up. You had to definitely use you core to do the pushup(chest must touch bar). I was only able to get 3 reps in 20 seconds. I tried to make up the reps in the Split Jerk, and kept my 8 reps throughout all 6 rounds. The Back Squat/Push Press was the movement where I was the most inconsistent. I went from 8 to 7 to 5.

    Result: 23 reps RX’d. 3 reps shy from the last time I did it in October 2010.


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