09/25/2011 – Relaxing Sunday

26 Sep

Aaah, this will be the only weekend where our family will get to relax and really do nothing. For the next three weeks, we have something going on both days, AND I’m going back to work too. So it’ll be a big adjustment.

I started the day by making lil’ munchkin’ two hardboiled eggs. Once he was finished, we left to go to the Mountain View Farmer’s market so I could pick up pastured eggs, veggies, and fruits. Yum!

Once I got home, I started to prep food for the week. We’ll be having guest staying at the house, so I’m not sure if I’ll have time to cook much. I defrosted a pork shoulder to make Kalua Pig. As I was prepping all the veggies I bought, I munched on leftover sirloin tip with veggies. It was basically a whole day of snacking here and there, so no picture.

I’m made some chicken broth for Bun Thang. I put a whole chicken with water, shallots, and fish sauce. It’s super simple.

Once the soup was simmering, I started to make lunch with the mussels we got from Siren SeaSA. I was afraid the mussels had died, because I left them out in the sink for 4 or 5 hours without ice bathing them. Woopsy. I decided to cook them anyways, and if the mussels didn’t open, then I knew they weren’t any good to eat.

Hubby suggested I simmer it in white wine sauce and butter. Luckily, NomNom Paleo posted a recipe for this. I basically did everything that she said, except I used dill as an herb, and no curry powder. Also, I used leftover white wine that we had open. Here’s the finished product:

Yummy to my tummy!

For dinner, hubby cooked up our Grassfed New York Steak that we had. We haven’t had steak in awhile! It was soooo good! We paired it with sauteed mushrooms and spinach.

I only ate half the steak. I have to remind myself to buy more spinach. I never buy enough, because they always wilt when I cook, and it turns out to nothing!!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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