Weekend spent on the Sugar side

3 Oct

So much for just having one treat during the weekend. We had lots of friends over because one of our good friends were got married. Hubby was the best man, so he was pretty busy. I was trying to hold down the fort at home, shuffling kids from one house to the next, getting pretty, and just trying to relax and enjoy the wedding.

Starting on Friday, I had a caramel machiatto(saturday & sunday too!). Friday night I had pizza from BJ’s. Lots of it. Saturday was the wedding, and I stayed about 80% paleo, except for the soy, and tiny coconut buns that come with peking duck.

On Sunday. I baked cookies!! SIGH! Only because I promised this little girl we would. Of course I had to have some. I had a few and they were delicious. I also had another caramel machiatto.

Ugh!! I need to break the sugar habit this week, and get back on the straight and narrow. I haven’t lost anymore weight since 3 weeks ago, so I can’t afford to be having these treats everyday.


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