10/12/2011 – Good Eats

13 Oct

Alrighty, it’s time to get my ass in gear, and not stress too much about my cookie binge on a random Tuesday night. I’m actually reading up on how to get my carb intake up. I think for one whole week I’m going to log how much PROTEIN, CARBS, and FAT I am consuming through fitday, and making sure I eat just enough calories to maintain energy throughout the day. .75-1g of protein per pound in bodyweight is the guidance that I’m going to take right now. Also, I need to remember to eat lots of vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables.

I’ve been adding milk into my coffee lately, just to get some carbs and protein in. And let’s be honest, I’m a snob at coffee. I like my frufru drinks. So I will give myself a break and have a cappuccino with 1 pump of vanilla…SOMETIMES.

Breakfast: 1 grande non-fat cappuccino(only drank half of it). 2 scrambled eggs with tomatoes, green beans, and half of an avocado.

Lunch: Kalua Pig with sauteed kale and green beans

Snack: Jerky Chews and Roasted Sweet Potato

Dinner: Crosscut Beef Shank with Braised Cabbage and green beans


Protein was a bit high, but that’s ok because carbs were low. I should try to up the carbs a bit with more vegetables to maintain energy.


One Response to “10/12/2011 – Good Eats”

  1. Tim Dymmel (@timdymmel) October 13, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    I added a sweet potato to my breakfast and it worked great to keep energy up.

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