10/12/2011 – Wednesday Workout Session

13 Oct

On Tuesday night, my sister brought over some cookies that she had from her trip to New York. The cookies were from Levainn Bakery and Mofo Milk Bar. I wasn’t too impressed with the cookies from Levain because it was too thick!

I like my cookies on the thin side, and that’s why I chowed down both cookies from Mofu.

Yes, I’m embarrassed, but it was f’in worth it!!! Oh, and I had a very small piece of a Cuban sandwich from Cafe Habana as well. Still delicious after surviving a plane ride.

I had to go to the gym on Wednesday, but I knew I couldn’t make it to The Five Tribe because Lil’ Munchkin’ had a huge fever and he would be cranky all night. I messaged Tim, and he told me there was space in the 12PM class. YES! I MUST WORKOUT!

I got to class and practiced some double-unders and wall balls. To my surprise, my walls balls were hitting the 10′ target! I haven’t practiced them in over a week, and all of a sudden, I’m hitting it. I’m not sure if they are directly in the middle, but there are a few inches higher than they were before. I might be off by a few centimeters, but whatevs…I’m seeing improvement.

Our strength skill was Deadlifts, and here were my loads:

Deadlifts: 153#(5)-153#(5)-163#(5)-13#(3)-183#(3)

I started off with 153# and when I finished the first set, I felt it was a bit heavy. I did the same weight again for the second set, just to make sure I had good form. Tim advised us, especially me, to tighten up the core, and push that core down so it helps to bring the bar up. I definitely have to work on my core strength(major muscle weakness), and I think I will be doing that on Tuesdays and/or Thursday with bodyweight WODs. Nothing too crazy, just maybe a HIIT training with some running or rowing. I hope I PR this cycle though, so we’ll see.

I knew what our WOD was before I got to class because R posted it on her blog. I usually don’t get nervous before class, because I don’t know what the WOD is. Coming to the 12PM class, you’ll know ahead of time. It was definitely a good one though.

For Time:

  • Run 400m
  • 3 Rounds of 10(R)/10(L) KB Snatches(24kg/16kg) and 20 Box Jumps(20″)
  • Run 400m
  • I’m not used to running in the afternoon anymore because I haven’t done it since March. The heat was definitely different, but in a good way. I should try to workout outside more often and get some Vitamin D. I completely forgot how to do KB Snatches until Tim demonstrated it to us, and then the light bulb went off. I tried to use the 16kg bell, but definitely felt it was too heavy, and I was wobbly. Half way through the WOD, Tim reminded me to get the bell underneath me, use the hips to swing the bell out in front, and PUNCH OUT WITH STRONG WRISTS! Aaaaah, the punch out. That’s was key! So I’m glad I stuck with the 12kg bell, and can’t wait to do this again with the 16kb.

    Result: 11:00


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