10/17/2011 – Good Eats

18 Oct

This past weekend wasn’t a 100% Paleo because I had cookies, milk, and a little bit of vanilla syrup in my coffee. So much for trying to lose weight, huh? I don’t think it’ll hurt me too much because I moved around a lot this weekend. It’s part of being primal right? Eat real, move fast and steady. I spent the weekend mainly playing with the kids, cooking, fall cleaning(still not done), and helping one of my BFFs move. She’s pregnant, so I helped move boxes into specific rooms and reorganized boxes in the garage. It only took 1 hour, but we were really productive!

Monday started out with a WOD at CFPA. Here’s a quick list of what I ate.

Breakfast: 1 grande cappuccino with 2 pumps vanilla syrup. Why do I get the syrup?! BLAH, I don’t know! I like the sweetness even though 2 pumps still taste too sweet to me. I’ve also been drinking milk with my coffee to up my breast milk production. It seems like I always get more BM when I drink milk. I’m running really low, so I’m trying to eat as much as I can(healthy or not!) to get through these last few days of breastfeeding. I plan on stopping around Lil’ AMRAP’s 3 month bday.

I didn’t eat until 10AM and it was Roasted Chicken from Whole Foods with roasted broccoli and 1/4 of a sweet potato.

Lunch: Roasted chicken with sauteed spinach and romaine lettuce

Snack: 2 servings of Applegate Natural Roast Beef

Dinner: hmm…Roasted chicken again?! LOL. I didn’t take a pic of it, but who needs a pic when it was already taken. I just ate it with a small sweet potato.

FAT: ~50g(36%)
CARBS: ~71g(22%)
PROTEIN: ~126g(42%)

I don’t think I’m eating enough fat, because I’m still hungry after lunch. I need to add an avocado in there somewhere. Maybe not everyday because fat still can make you fat, if not portion controlled.

BTW, I’ve been going back and forth about buying a Sousvide Supreme. I knew I wanted it, I just didn’t know if I should get the demi or the regular one. After much debating, I took the plunge and bought the Supreme Package Promotion. This shiet is expensive, and my hubby said I better use it, and it better taste good! LOL. I can’t wait until it arrives! There will be some yummy eats this holiday season…I HOPE!


2 Responses to “10/17/2011 – Good Eats”

  1. Fit Daffy October 19, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Hey you! If your milk supply is low, eat more fish! That and more fat. ;D

    • stle57 October 19, 2011 at 11:27 am #

      I should do that! But then I won’t have an excuse to get a frufru drink at Starbucks! LOL. J/K.

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