10/21/2011 – Ring Dips & The 22’s

22 Oct

Aaah finally Friday, and finally another great day at CFPA. It’s always great to see the same faces at 5AM on Monday when we are dead tired from the weekend. Then comes Friday, and we are all still tired, but happy that we made it through a week of strength and met-cons together. Despite any soreness or aches and pains that we may have been feeling. I love The Five Tribe!

Today we worked on Ring Dips. I felt a little stronger with the Ring Dips because I was able to use one strand of the pink band for assistance instead of the usually two. I tried to do one un-assisted but again, the core was too weak and my elbows keep flaring out. I will try again next week!

Our WOD included two movements I despise most, but want to get better at. Double Under and Rowing.

For Time do the following:

  • 22 KB Swings(32kg/24kg)
  • 500m Row
  • 22 Burpees
  • 100 Double Unders
  • 22 KB Swings
  • I knew I wasn’t ready to go RX’d with the swings because I’m just not that strong yet. I grabbed the 16kg bell and thought it was a little light. So, I found the 40# bell, and it was perfect for a heavy swing. The first set of swings were easy and I got through them unbroken. I took it easy with the row and focused on using my legs to get a good pull in the end. I wasn’t going to go balls to the walls with the row. Having good form will get me the time I want…I think. I checked the clock when I was finished and it was a little over 3 minutes. Not bad I guess. The burpees took forever, and so did the double unders. I’m getting a slight improvement with the double unders because I’m not doing 3 or 4 singles in between each double under. I’m only going ONE! Slowly but surely I will get those damn double unders. The last set of swings were tough. I stopped at around 15 to take a breather. Shouldn’t of, but I did.

    Result: 11:47


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