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11/30/2011 – The Cardio WOD

30 Nov

When we started on our warm-up, I was the only girl in class. Rachel and Jackie showed up a couple minutes later and saved my little behind!

I paired up with Rachel to work on our Front Squats.

Front Squat: 83#(5)-103#(3)-113#(3)-118#(1)-123#(1)

Not much to say here because I’m about 15 pounds off my PR. I definitely felt my back arching with this one, but I could do it. I probably could of tried for more, but decided to stop here. Next time!

Our WOD turned into a short cardio one. Boy, I was glad I didn’t workout yesterday.

For Time:

  • 100 Double Unders
  • Run 800m
  • Row 1000m
  • I got through the double unders, except the rope kept getting tangled underneath me. They are getting better, but I’m still putting singles in between each double. Just gotta get that rhythm going. By the time I finished my DUs, all the rowers were taken. That meant I had to do the 800m run first. I caught up to Jim, but we ran farther than we were suppose to. I could not see a damn thing this morning. Terminator was yelling at us that we went too far! So I jumped on the rower and just kept rowing and rowing. It wasn’t fast. I was trying to keep good form, etc. Definitely not fast enough to catch up to anyone who was coming back from the run.

    Result: 13:39 RX’d

    Note to Self: Must get faster at rowing

    11/29/2011 – Good Eats

    30 Nov

    No workout today, which means I have to workout on Thursday. Here’s how I fueled myself to get through a ‘grueling’ workday…

    Breakfast was 2 fried eggs with 2 strips of Applegate Farms bacon, roasted curry cauliflower, and roasted brussel sprouts. I drank half of my tall iced coffee with heavy cream.

    For lunch I had turkey from the turducken with braised cabbage. Sorry no pic. I think I had a snack when I got home, but don’t remember.

    For dinner, I had a piece of Sous Vide Skirt Steak with sweet potato fries. Again, no pic. I knocked out soon after.

    CALORIES: ~1431

    11/28/2011 – Good Eats

    29 Nov

    Here’s how I fueled my body to get through Cyber Monday…

    Breakfast consisted of coffee with heavy cream and 3 hard boiled eggs. Then I sipped on some bone broth with marrow.

    For lunch I had roasted curry cauliflower with roasted chicken(leftovers). It was yummy!

    I came home and hung out with the kids for a bit. I wanted to eat dinner while I was feeding Lil’ Munchkin’, so I quickly got the pork ribs out of the Sous Vide Supreme. I spread about 2 tablespoons of Bone Suckin’ BBQ Sauce on it. It’s Paleo, but not Whole30. Then I shredded the meat and we all dug in. We ate it so fast, I didn’t have time to take a pic. It was delicious, and the meat was falling off the bone. I paired it with Carrot and Cauliflower Puree and Sauerkraut. Delicious dinner!

    As I was getting comfy on the couch I cut up a persimmon. I haven’t had these in a very long time. I never really liked them but someone at work brought in two big boxes. I took about 4 home. BOY, they are freakin’ sweet! A little too sweet! This coming from a girl who ate cookies for Thanksgiving! πŸ˜‰

    Calories: ~1441
    FAT: ~88.2g
    CARBS: ~59.2g
    PROTEIN: ~105.2

    GEEZ, Persimmons have 31grams of carbs in it!! WOW…I knew it was a bad idea!

    11/28/2011 – Monday’s Workout

    28 Nov

    And we are back at CrossFit Palo Alto! Even though I hate Mondays because of work, I love it because I get a good workout in. And today was no exception! It’s great to see everyone back in full force and ready to work the holiday gunk out!

    I thought we were going straight into long metcons this week because our third strength cycle was last week. But nope, we continued on with our strength cycle starting with KB Snatches.

    Kettlebell Snatches: 5(12kg)-5-8-8-10-10

    The movement felt really good. I can’t wait to see this in a WOD.

    Next up…SUMO FRAN

  • 21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(SDHP) (95#/65#)
  • 21 Pull Ups
  • 15 SDHP
  • 15 Pull ups
  • 9 SDHP
  • 9 Pull Ups
  • This workout is just like Fran, except we replace the Thrusters with SDHP. I know I’ve done this workout before, I just can’t find my time. 😦 Anyways, this was a fast workout, and I thought I did pretty well. I should of been able to string together more pull-ups, but I got through them!

    Result: 6:36 RX’d

    Thanksgiving Recap

    28 Nov

    I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I know I did! I spent most of the day on Wednesday in the kitchen prepping for our feast. Although I don’t remember what I ate most of Wednesday, I know I ate clean.

    Thursday was a long and tiring day. My legs were tired from spending most of Wednesday night prepping the bird. Once Thursday came around, I had my coffee in hand and was ready to cook cook cook!

    First in the oven was the turkey! I bought the pasteurized turkey from Marin Sun Farms. I brined the turkey on Tuesday for a little over 24 hours in Apple & Spices Turkey Brine. Once that was done, I washed the turkey, took the skin apart and rubbed ghee all over it. Then I covered the bird with White Tuffle Oil and sprinkled it with salt.

    After 3.5 hours in the oven, it looked like this!

    I made Nom Nom Paleo’s gravy to go with the turkey…NO FLOUR!!

    The next thing I made was a Carrot & Cauliflower Puree.

    We took the turkey and puree to my Mom’s house for our first thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, I did not eat any of the good stuff. I had was enticed by these cookies that my sister bought from a fundraiser. I know….GASP!

    I probably had a few pieces of turkey as my mom was cutting it, but other than that, I had 6 or 7 of Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies. SIGH! Major FALEO!

    We had to go to the in-laws a few hours later and I brought some Braised Cabbage with Paleo Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake courtesy of Melissa J. Um, I tried the crumbs as I was cutting the squares and they were delicious. For my second thanksgiving dinner, I had a piece of chicken with boiled broccoli and cauliflower. I honestly was not hungry and felt very guilty for eating so many cookies. I was trying to be polite and nibble a little. Then I left the table to play with the kiddies.

    Friday, I had the sugar hangover. Nothing I ate kept me full, and I thought about carbs all day. Yes, the bad sugary kind. For breakfast I had leftovers with Philz Coffee. For lunch I had leftovers, turkey and puree. I did not want to eat more turkey leftovers and carrot puree for dinner. What did I do…got the husband to go get some Vietnamese sandwiches. SIGH! I almost made it through the day eating clean, but I had a Grilled Pork sandwich with pate. It was yummy and I don’t regret it. I’m lucky I made it through the day without a COOKIE! LOL. In hindsight, I guess a sandwich wasn’t a bad idea because it gave me the carbs I was feening for without the sugar that a cookie would have.

    On Saturday we hosted a party for our friends. I ordered a turducken from 4505 Meats. It was a small one, where they deboned everything and rolled the 3 meats together with cornbread stuffing. Honestly, it wasn’t that great. The idea is great, but there wasn’t a WOW factor to it. Maybe because we didn’t get the Grand Turducken where the birds are left intact. Along with the turducken, I made a sirlion tip roast. Actually, I didn’t have to do much, the Sous Vide Supreme did most of the work. I let the roast sit in there for 12 hours. It turned out perfect!

    I also made another batch of braised cabbage and for dessert, the pumpkin maple bars. This time, I had a few maple bars, and that was as close I got to for dessert. My friends ate it all up, and was really surprised to know that there was no flour in the bar. They kept saying it’s healthy it’s healthy. Not really…it’s just made with real food! BTW, for those who saw me take a pic with a beer…yup I did..but I didn’t drink it. πŸ˜‰ It’s an inside joke for preggs!

    I’m surprised I didn’t go eat cookies or bundt cake. They were there, I just didn’t touch it. I did end the night with some bone broth and dark chocolate. I was pooped, but definitely worth it!

    Sunday I stayed on the straight and narrow, even though I thought about sugar all day too! What’s up with that?!?!?!? Luckily I escaped the day without baking any cookies and stuffing them in my mouth. Very LUCKY!

    Hope everyone doesn’t have any trouble getting back to the grind. I was reminded this weekend that everyday we have on this earth is a gift and we should spend that time doing something great. BE GREAT! And be thankful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here’s a little pic of the boys playing.

    11/22/2011 – Good Eats

    23 Nov

    I spent about 4 hours at work and then went home to work some more. For breakfast, I had leftover chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower.

    Before I got home, I stopped by Philz to get some Philtered Soul with Heavy Cream. After spending a couple hours reading, I warmed up the pork shoulder from saturday and had it with carrots. It wasn’t much.

    Dinner was a In-n-Out – Double Double protein style(with cheese, no spread). I was still hungry so I had a piece of duck. I think I was so hungry because of Annie!

    Two more days till Thanksgiving!!

    11/22/2011 – Annie and KB Snatches

    22 Nov

    YAY! I actually made it to the gym. Got in at 5:30 and walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes as a warm up.

    I quickly did 5 sets of KB Snatches using the 8 and 12kg bell. They were really quick meaning I rested probably less than 1 minute between each set.

    Then I jumped on Annie because I needed practice with double unders and of course the tummy could always use some work. The last time I did Annie, I got 12:39. This time…drum roll please………

    12:09!! I even had to stop to tie my shoe, and go grab a yoga mat to place the ab-mat cushion on. After the first 50 situps, the rubber hard mat was going to give me a sore ass crack!

    But YAY, I’m making improvements! Now I just need to string those double unders together without a single under!!!