10/31/2011 – Hallowbata

1 Nov

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone had a great time last night running around with their kiddies. I sure did. My lil’ munchkin’ is 2 years and he had a blast running around. Maybe too much fun! LOL. It was a long day though, and I started it off with a workout at CFPA.

It is long metcon week, so I was a little nervous with what was in store for us. Turns out, it wasn’t too bad. It was tabata turned spooky.


  • 8 rounds of Green Slimy Grasshoppers
  • 8 rounds of Headless Horsemen (a variation on kettlebell palm presses) (24kg / 16kg)
  • 8 rounds of Cauldron Jumps (jump over a plyo box and land on the floor on the other side for each rep)
  • 8 rounds of Deadly double-unders
  • I started with the grasshoppers. They seemed easy for the first round, and I was able to knock out 12 reps for each leg. Then it hit me that I could not get the same amount for the next round. Kevin and I looked at each and laughed because it was freakin’ difficult!

    Next up was the Headless Horsemen. I did not go RX’d with the headless horsemen because my arms weren’t strong enough for the 16kg. I worked with the 8kg for 6 rounds, then moved onto the 18# kettlebell. At least I think it was the 18# bell. It didn’t seem that much heavier, but oh well. This was the easiest station.

    The Cauldron Jumps were fun and I thought I did pretty well. The double unders was the one that bit me in the ass again. 20 seconds of pure failure every time. The rope would get tripped up, or I couldn’t get 5 DUs in a row. I also lost my rhythm and was doing single-double-single-signle-double instead of single-double-single-double. SIGH!

    Total Reps: 199


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