11/03/3011 – Good Eats

4 Nov

I got to workout this morning, and then afterwards I went to Starbeezy. I love this time of year because the red holiday cups are back. Makes you get into the holiday spirit. This time I tried an espresso machiatto. It’s basically espresso shots with a bit of foam in it. I asked for two shots with heavy cream.

I got to eat breakfast around 9, and scarfed down some pork sausage patties and leftover Sous Vide Chuck Roast. Paired the protein with roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted carrots, and some sweet potato fries.

Right before I left to go get my hair did, I scarfed down leftover cross rib roast, cauliflower and carrot puree, and roasted curry cauliflower.

After I came home from the salon, I just wanted to hang out and get the kids ready for bed. That just meant that I had to cook up something quick after we put them down for the night. I quickly sauteed some wild shrimp in ghee while hubby chopped up some cabbage. I forgot to take a pic because I was so damn hungry, but that was our dinner.


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