11/7/2011 – Weekend Recap and Monday’s Workout

7 Nov

This weekend I did pretty good. Had coffee with heavy cream both days. I probably ate about 90% paleo. I went out with girlfriends on Sunday for lunch and we went to Kelesa. Their ingredients probably weren’t 100% paleo(soybean oil/canola oil, legumes, some flour in sauces, etc). But I ate around it, and didn’t have any rice. I just ate a lot of protein and it was pretty yummy! Sunday evening, I had some Godiva 85% dark choco. I haven’t had dark choco since I was pregnant.

I woke up 4 to feed lil AMRAP, then headed to CrossFit Palo Alto. We started a new cycle of strength workouts, and today was Kettlebell Snatch! Funny that I did some of these last Friday. We worked on form, and did 6 sets of 5 at 12kg.

Today’s WOD was a quad/hammy killer!

  • 400m Run
  • 45 Hang Squat Cleans w/ Dumbbells (40#/30#)
  • 400m Run
  • I used 25# for the squat cleans. They were freakin’ hard and I was doing sets of 5 or 6 each time. Tim yelled at me to push myself on the last run, and I tried. Unfortunately I couldn’t get under 9 minutes. Ivan zoomed past me when I was at the last 40m or so. It was a great way to start the week though!

    Result: 9:04


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