11/14/2011 – Monday’s Workout

14 Nov

After my sugar binge, I was surprised that I made it into CFPA. Although I must admit that I’ve felt a lot of energy at CrossFit the day after I carb binge.

Skill today…

Kettlebell Snatches: 5(12kg)-5-5-8-8-8-5(16kg)-5

I got through the sets of 5 and 8, so I decided to up the weight and see how I would do. It was difficult, and I felt wobbly, but I’m glad that I practiced the snatches with the heavy weight.

Onto our WOD:

4 Rounds For Time

  • 10 Power Cleans(155#/115#) – Used 78#
  • 20 Ring Rows
  • 30 Rope Jumps
  • Wow..these are some heavy power cleans. During my “fittest” days, I was only able to squat clean 115#, and it wasn’t pretty. So, of course I didn’t go RX’d today. My goal is to get to 95# power clean in WODs, so hopefully in a couple months I’ll be there. The ring rows were the hardest, and I scaled it a bit by putting my legs up instead of a plank position.

    Result: 11:31


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