11/14/2011 – Weekend Recap

14 Nov

Alrighty, here goes! About two weeks ago, I said I wouldn’t have any extra sugar in my diet. I made it BARELY! Towards the end of this week, I’ve been eating more and more dark chocolate. Never buy large bars of dark chocolate…it’s a trap! At least for me it is. LOL.

Anyways, I ate pretty cleanly until Sunday morning. We had reservations at La Fondue Sunday night because hubby and I wanted to celebrate 13 years together. I knew I wasn’t going to be eating clean, so why not just make it a cheat day. Or what I call a binge. So, I had coffeecake, Hawaiian Cookies that my mom brought back from Maui, 4 King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread. This was all before we left for dinner at 8.

Hubby and I have never been to La Fondue, so it was nice experience. I’m not that much of a fan of dipping my food in cheese or chocolate, but I couldn’t resist the Yelp Deal that surprised my inbox last month. We started off with appetizers and a Chef Salad. We chose the Cajun Cheese and dipped bread, vegetables, and fruits with it. Our “deal” came with a variety of all the meats that they served on grill. It included alligator, kangaroo, bison, and other “exotic” type meats. It was a lot of food, and we didn’t finish everything. We just cooked up what we didn’t eat and moved onto dessert. I thought dessert was the best part. Of course I would right?! I chowed down on rice krispy treats, strawberries, cookie dough, apples, oranges…you get my drift. All dipped in melted chocolate with pecans and caramel. MMMmmmMMMMMMm. Yes the fat girl came out. I even had 1/2 a glass of wine. It sucks that hubby and I aren’t wine drinkers, because the deal came with a bottle of wine. We still had 1/2 the bottle left. Yes, wild and crazy we are! LOL…hey it was a Sunday night, I have to make it to CrossFit.

Too bad I didn’t really take any pics. I didn’t want to bring attention to the table considering that the place was really dark, and hubby and I were literally facing another couple across the way. It was a good cheat day, but time to get back on the diet band wagon and lose these last 10 pounds!! Time to make some changes!!!

Here’s a pic of La Fondue’s lobby.


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