11/14/2011 – Good Eats

15 Nov

I am going to stay committed and try to track my calories AGAIN. I need to stay between the 1300-1400 range on days that I’m not active, and maybe 1500-1600 on days that I am active. It’s sort of hard to get these calories in and trying to get the right macro nutrient ratio as well. A lot of people say not to count calories while eating Paleo, and that might be true for some people. But I think for my goals, I need to track what I eat and the quantity of it, because I’m trying to lose the LAST 10 pounds. I’m using fitday, and I’m estimating how much I eat, not exactly measuring everything! So I’m trying to do this as stress free as possible. It’s way too much work to measure every single thing. Also, I’m trying to eat until 80% full, and drink lots and lots of water.

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs with spinach. Covered in bacon fat.

Lunch: Meat sauce with sauteed kale & onions

Snack: Primal Pac Ohhh, when I came home I got a big delivery of SeaSnax! I munched on a few of these with lil’ munchkin’. 🙂

Dinner: 6 oz Roast Beef with a couple slices of roasted carrots and sweet potatoes. I cooked the rib roast in the sous vide. O.M.G…so freakin’ GOOD!! The texture of the beef is so soft, and it definitely tasted like prime rib. Way better than roasting it in an oven. Too bad I didn’t take any pics. I ate my 6oz piece while cutting it up for hubby. I need to stop doing that! I ended up not eating dinner with him and not having any veggies to go with my meat.

Sleep sucked last night! Lil’ AMRAP was not in a good mood. And he woke up at 12 and 3. 😦

I had 2 liters of water. Hopefully that was enough.

Total Calories: ~1282
Fat G:91.1(63%)
Protein G: 98.6 (32%) . Approximately .8 grams of protein per bodyweight lb
Carbs G: 19.4 (6%)


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