11/16/2011 – Happy Hump Day!

16 Nov

Another good workout at CrossFit Palo Alto. I paired up with Jackie to work on our Front Squats.

Front Squats: 73#(5)-93#(3)-113#(3)-123#(1)-128#(1)

I was having trouble with 113# on my last rep. Jackie yelled out to get the elbows up, and that got me to finish the rep. The single reps were alright, not perfect form either. Hopefully I can get close to 138 next week. We’ll see!!

Onto our WOD:

For Time:

  • 500m Row
  • 30 Burpee Plates
  • 400m Run
  • 30 Pull Ups
  • I started on the row with Fitbomb, Terminator, and Ivan. I was seated next to Fitbomb, and tried to keep up with him. Every time he pulled, I would pull, but of course I can’t get the same distance that he gets with 1 pull. Ultimately, I was the last of the row, with 50m left when the guys started on their burpees.

    Once I got to the burpees, I just couldn’t position myself properly so I wouldn’t hit my head on the plate. But I got through those, of course not fast enough, and left for the run. When I got back I had about 2 minutes before the 10 minute mark would hit. I tried to do 10 pull ups in a row, even though I was dead tired, but only made it to 9. Then I kept jumping on and off after every 3rd or 4th pull up. Seriously, I need to work on my cardio and grip strength and just try to push through the pain. It’s probably just a mental thing. Terminator and Fitbomb finished the entire WOD right when I came back from the run because they did the 30 pull ups unbroken! BADASS!

    Result: 10:02 RX’d


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