11/18/2011 – Last WOD before Thanksgiving Break

18 Nov

I feel like I’m in school getting a Thanksgiving break from CFPA. The box will be closed next week, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing to stay active. I’m doing the 5k Silicon Valley Turkey Trot on Thursday. Not going to push myself because I want to stick with some friends and support them. Should be fun just to get out there and see so many people get their fitness on!

Today we worked on Push Press and I paired up with Jackie again!

Push Press: 63(5)-68#(5)-73#(5)-78#(3)-78#(3)

The last time I did Push Press was in June. I decided to stick to similar weight. I have to work on keeping the elbows up as I dip. I don’t want the elbows to go down when I dip because then there’s more work to bring the bar up.


3 Rounds For Time

  • 21 Kettlebell SDHP(24Kg/16Kg)
  • 15 KB Swings
  • 9 Handstand Push Ups
  • I used the 16kg bell and the SDHPs seemed pretty easy for me. The swings went unbroken in all rounds. I used the jet pack for the HSPUs. What sucked was that in the last round, I got of the jet pack 3 times, versus not getting off the jet pack the first 2 rounds. Shoulders were burning, but I should of mentally push through. It was a good WOD though! Great way to end the week!

    Result: 6:13


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