11/19/2011 – Good Eats

20 Nov

I love Saturdays because I’m not rushing out of the door half asleep. I woke up in the morning and fed lil AMRAP and lil munchkin’. Then I headed to Philz to get me some Tesora. I’m not liking the Tesora w/o sugar, so I think I’ll stick with Anesthia next time. The Tesora is a little too bitter. I drank maybe half of it.

I also had 2 pastuerized eggs with a little bit of spinach and 2 strips of bacon.

For lunch I had 4.10 oz of Sous Vide Pork Chops with Sauteed spinach and napa cabbage. So delicious!! I seasoned the pork chops with Jerk Pork seasoning.

I got a little hungry just hanging around the house, so I had a small primal pac.

For dinner, I warmed up some Duck Confit because I didn’t have any other protein prepared. The duck confit at Costco is so easy to make, and I don’t have to defrost it beforehand because I have the Sous Vide Supreme now. I paired with sauteed kale & onions. Yummy to my tummy!

A good day of clean eats. That’s not easy for me on the weekends, and boy was I craving some dark chocolate!!


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