11/21/2011 – No Workout Monday

22 Nov

CrossFit Palo Alto is closed for Thanksgiving break. Tim posted a Mobility WOD that I intend to do sometime this week. You can find the WOD here.

It was too crazy this morning with lil’ AMRAP to do a workout. It turned out to be a busy day at work too. So much for just chillin’ the rest of the week and doing no work. Here’s a quick recap. I was not prepared today, but stayed cleaned.

For breakfast, I had a large philitered soul with heavy cream. I didn’t bring breakfast, but had a can of sardines with a small primal pac.

I went to Sports Basement to pick up my Turkey Trot bib and then met coworkers at Dish n Dash. They ordered me a chicken shawrma salad with dressing on the salad. I forgot to take a pic, but it was yummy!

I was so busy at work in the afternoon and I had to run errands(Whole Foods and pick up our turkey from the Marin Sun Farms CSA drop off). I picked up a packet of Justin’s Almond Butter. I sucked on it while driving in traffic. That gave me a bit of energy to get home and play with the kids until they went to bed.

Luckily I asked hubby to prepare a roasted chicken. It only took an hour to bake, thank god!! I was starving!


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