11/28/2011 – Good Eats

29 Nov

Here’s how I fueled my body to get through Cyber Monday…

Breakfast consisted of coffee with heavy cream and 3 hard boiled eggs. Then I sipped on some bone broth with marrow.

For lunch I had roasted curry cauliflower with roasted chicken(leftovers). It was yummy!

I came home and hung out with the kids for a bit. I wanted to eat dinner while I was feeding Lil’ Munchkin’, so I quickly got the pork ribs out of the Sous Vide Supreme. I spread about 2 tablespoons of Bone Suckin’ BBQ Sauce on it. It’s Paleo, but not Whole30. Then I shredded the meat and we all dug in. We ate it so fast, I didn’t have time to take a pic. It was delicious, and the meat was falling off the bone. I paired it with Carrot and Cauliflower Puree and Sauerkraut. Delicious dinner!

As I was getting comfy on the couch I cut up a persimmon. I haven’t had these in a very long time. I never really liked them but someone at work brought in two big boxes. I took about 4 home. BOY, they are freakin’ sweet! A little too sweet! This coming from a girl who ate cookies for Thanksgiving! 😉

Calories: ~1441
FAT: ~88.2g
CARBS: ~59.2g
PROTEIN: ~105.2

GEEZ, Persimmons have 31grams of carbs in it!! WOW…I knew it was a bad idea!


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