12/2 – 12/4: Weekend Recap

5 Dec

I almost escaped the weekend by eating clean and healthy food. Unfortunately, I decided to bake some cookies while decorating the house on Sunday. Lil Munchkin’, Hubs, and I enjoyed a few cookies. Maybe a few too many, and I gave the rest to my Mom and Sissy. Thank god they are all out of the house now. That’s all I could think about all weekend!

Okay, now that my confession is over, let me remind myself of the real food that I ate.

Saturday morning started off with eggs and a cup of Philtered Soul with Heavy Cream. For lunch, we just ate leftovers. My sissy took Lil’ Munchkin’ to a birthday party, so Hubby and I decided to go out with the Lil’ AMRAP. We went to Santana Row and decided to eat at Pizza Antica. Can you believe I stayed away from grains at a pizza place?!?!? I’m going to pat myself on the back for that one. We shared the warm brussel sprout salad. For my entree, I got braised short ribs in red wine glazed sauce with a side of sauteed spinach. The ribs were so freakin’ soft. I need to learn how to make my short ribs as soft as they do. Maybe the Sous Vide Supreme will do it?!

To end the night, I had a few pieces of 85% Godiva dark chocolate.

On Sunday, we took a trip to the Mountain View Farm’s Market. I had to pick up 50 pounds of steaks and roasts from Full of Life farm! Christmas came early because I was not expecting this package until January! I think we are set for the next 5 or 6 months with 50 pounds of beef and pork. 😉

After we got home, I spent the rest of the day cooking up lots of veggie sides which included a spinach and mushroom sautee, roasted beets, swiss chard sautee, roasted broccoli and carrots, etc. That way all I have to do is either Sous Vide or bake some protein. It’s all about prepping and preparing your good eats!

Sunday lunch was baked chicken thigh with braised cabbage and sauteed chard.

We went to visit my mom and ended up staying for dinner. I felt a bit guilty about the cookies, so all I had was some bitter melon soup and 4 pieces of the Thit Bo Nuong La Lot(Beef wrapped in Betel Leaf). I hated bitter melon soup when I was a kid and really haven’t tried it since. But I swallowed it down this time and got used to the taste. Still not the greatest soup out there, but I ATE COOKIES remember?!?!

That’s how I ended the weekend. It’s going to get busy the next few weekends, so I’m hoping to stay on the straight and narrow. This tummy flab is really starting to get to me, so I’m planning on making some sort of change this new year. We’ll see what I decide on.

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