12/5/2011 – KB Snatches, Wall Balls, & Double Unders

5 Dec

Today starts the long metcon week at CrossFit Palo Alto. Only 6 out of the 15 people showed up today. What happened to my five tribe?! Still hurtin’ from Friday?

As Many Reps As Possible(AMRAP) in 20 Minutes:

  • 15 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
  • Kettlebell Snatch(24kg/16kg)
  • 60 Double Unders
  • Oooh yeah! All my favorite moves…NOT! But I embraced the workout with open arms! At first, Tim had the Kettlebell snatches and wall balls reversed, and I knew that was going to be difficult considering that I am not fast at wall balls and can’t always reach the 10FT target. I’m happy he switched it around! 😉

    I decided to go with the 16kg bell even though I used the 12kg throughout the previous 3 weeks. The bell definitely felt heavy, but it was do-able.

    I’m still not smooth with the wall balls, but I did reach the 10FT target a number of times. Way better than how I did in FGB! I just took my time with the kettlebells and broke up the reps. The double unders should of been the fastest, but because I can’t string them together, it took a lot of time.

    Because I didn’t reach the 10FT target on all the reps, I did not go RX’d. ONE DAY!!!! ONE DAY!!!

    Result: 3 rounds and 9 reps(semi RX’d)


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