12/05/2011- Good Eats

6 Dec

After the WOD, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast until 930. I need to make it a point to eat sooner to rebuild my muscles after a workout. Especially if I can’t put something in my stomach until 3.5 hours later. I might try the SFH Protein powder with some sort of starchy carb.

When I was able to eat, I had 2 eggs with bacon and cabbage. The bacon was from Full if Life Farm. It had a bit of brown sugar in it.

For lunch I had baked chicken thigh plus sweet potatoes, pumpkin purée and sautéed chard.

I got home and quickly pan fried our steaks(top sirloin and skirt steak) that we’re bathing in the sous vide. I had a couple of slices as a snack. I think I overlooked the top sirloin because I left it in the Sous Vide too long. Or, medium steaks are just too dry! 130 degrees is the best!

Since I got dinner done early, we ate with Lil munchkin’. He wanted our steaks!!! Love my kid!

Dinner included 3.75 oz of steak, fresh guacamole that I got from the farmers market, and braised cabbage!



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