12/11/2011 – Girls Annual Christmas Dinner

13 Dec

Disclaimer: There will be lots of NON Paleo pics

My girlfriends and I decided to celebrate the holidays this year by treating ourselves to a nice dinner at 5A5 Steak House in San Francisco. It’s a Japanese Fusion type restaurant with Waygu beef. Too expensive for our taste, so we stuck to the usually grainy beef cuts.

I had lots of sugary, grainy type foods. I could of stayed away, but decided not to, and give myself that one meal break each week.

I stared off with a Lychee Martini. My first drink in over a year! Can you believe that?! It was tasty and very sugary.

I soaked that up with a few slices of bacon bread as we waited for our appetizers to come out.


We ordered about 4 appetizers to share amongst 6 girls. We got bacon wrapped scallops…

Kobe beef burgers with sweet potato fries…


And I’m not sure what this dish was…


For my entree, I ordered the 25oz bone-in Rib Eye! It was huge!

20111213-034325.jpg. I ate maybe 4oz off of it! Crazy I know.

We also ordered a bunch of sides to share, and they were all very starchy. I stuck to the sautéed spinach and Brussels sprouts.

I ordered dessert and got hot coco with baked cookies. The hot coco was a white chocolate coco with a dash of cayenne pepper for heat! Very tasty!

All in all, 5A5 was alright. The service was great, it just didn’t have that WOW factor to it. Not as good as Alexander’s Steakhouse or Espetus Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse.


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