12/13/2011 – Circuit Workout

13 Dec

I decided today was going to be a “Cardio” type day, and do a circuit workout designed by OneFitFoodie.

Each circuit is done 3 times. Work each exercise for 40 seconds/20 seconds rest. A total of 27 minutes.

Circuit 1
1. Burpees
2. Mountain climbers
3. Narrow and wide jump squats (alternating)

Circuit 2
1. Bench hop overs
2. Alternating backwards lunge w/ front kick
3. TRX jump squats

Circuit 3
1. Goblet squats (lighter weight)
2. Speed skaters
3. Burpee to jack at the top (instead of the jump)

I like this workout because it’s cardio, but not your typical treadmill/elliptical type cardio. It’s not boring and stationary, and the circuit makes the workout go by so much faster!! 27 minutes felt like it went by so quick, but on a treadmill, I could be staring at the clock the whole time!

After the workout, my heart was still pounding. I tried the best I could to go as fast as possible, but I’m sure I could of done it faster. I just need to familiarize myself with the movements beforehand.


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