12/16/2011 – Weekend Recap

19 Dec

I had such a fun weekend with my family and friends, even though there were stresses in other areas of my life. I can’t remember exactly what I ate all weekend, but I know I did indulge in too much dark chocolate with caramel sea salt Friday night. Our friends came over with a lamb roast. It was really good, but still a bit gamey for me. I made some steamed green beans and roasted broccoli for sides. We also got down and dirty with some crabs.

On Saturday, I didn’t really step into the kitchen. I basically starved myself all morning and afternoon. I went to a kids birthday party and avoided the pizza and cake, and only munched on a couple pieces of fruit. By dinner time, I was starving and had no clue what to eat. I ended up going to In n Out to pick up some burgers and got some garlic bread sticks at California Pizza. Yes, I made an extra stop to get bread sticks. I had my protein style double meat burger with breadsticks. It was delish. I ended the night with english toffee. I know I know, MAJOR CHEAT.

Sunday was another day out with the family! We took our lil’ kids to go see Thomas the Train in Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect, and my kids had a great time. 😉 I managed to only eat half of this smoked turkey leg, the only real food item at the Boardwalk. Notice the fried cheesecake advertisement in the back of the pic. Who makes this stuff up?! Is it that good?

The rest of my day was fabulous, but unfortunately I missed the Farmer’s Market. We’ll be going to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for our groceries the next two weeks. SIGH! I spent the rest of my evening and late night baking cookies. I baked about 6 or 7 dozen cookies without even taste testing them. Hopefully they aren’t burnt!

I’m thinking about getting a Nutritional Coach early next year for a couple of months. I seriously want to get rid of some of this abdominal fat and get my cortisol levels in check. I’ve sent emails to a couple of people already to see what they can do for me. We’ll see what they say and who I might chose. I’m trying to stay as Paleo as possible, but it’s a little difficult during this holiday season. So, I’m looking forward to the future and what I can do to accomplish my goals. I’m all about setting goals for 2012, w/o the post-prego weight!


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