12/20/2011 – Makeup WOD and EPLifeFit

20 Dec

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to find a Nutritional Coach next year to help me get my nutrition dialed in, cortisol levels in check, and most importantly, lose this abdominal fat that is bulging over my leggings. The first people to respond to my emails where Jason Seib and Sarah Fargoso from EPLifeFit.

Jason responded to my email and said in summary that CrossFit 3 times is a week is enough, I need to get my sleep dialed in(not happening), and no need to adjust macronutrients if I’m eating enough red meat and/or fat. All this stuff, I already knew, I just wasn’t seeing any progress. Plus I feel like a lazy ass if I don’t do anything else but CrossFit. I decided to sign up for EPLifeFit. It’s a community of fitness and Paleo Nutrition, where Jason, Sarah, and other moderators give guidance in fitness and nutrition coaching. You also get to talk to others who have the same interest as you, or people who are struggling with you. We’ll see where this takes me. I still am not completely convinced that I’ll get the 1 on 1 attention that I think I may need to reach my goals, or that low carb the only way. But for $20 a month, you get a wealth of information, and short fun workouts that I can do at home if I ever miss CrossFit.

Alrighty, enough ramblings about my nutrition. Today I got into work and did the second week of Deadlifts that I missed yesterday at CFPA.

Deadlifts: 95(5)-125(5)-145(5)-185(3)-205(1)-195(3)-205(1)

I was suppose to do another set of 3 reps, but I seriously got tired and felt like 205 was too heavy for me. Since I wasn’t doing this at CFPA, I didn’t want to go any heavier and try harder. I was pretty gassed and I guess my grip was giving out. Maybe because I wasn’t focusing on my core strength?!

Since I didn’t have any designed WODs, I designed to do the 2 beginner’s module workouts that were posted on EPLifeFit. It was quick and easy, and I wanted to make sure that I did those workouts before moving onto the real workouts that they post.

I’m just glad I was able to make it in today, and do work!

As for my eats, I ate clean yesterday except for some sugar that I had with my Philz cup. I couldn’t resist. 😉


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